Practise Areas: Property Law

Diemont Incorporated - Property Law - Registrations of Property Transfers

  • Drafting of Property Related Agreements

  • Nationwide Registrations of Property Transfers

  • Residential and Commercial Property Transfers

  • Deceased Estate Property Transfers (Sales and Inheritance Transfers)

  • Insolvent Estate Property Transfers

  • Opening of Sectional Title Registers

  • Sectional Title Property Transfers

  • Opening of Township Registers and Development Transfers

  • Subdivisions, Consolidations and other Certificates of Title

  • Notarial Services

  • Drafting of wills

  • Estate planning

  • Reporting of estates nationwide

  • Administration of testate or intestate estates

  • Administration of inter vivos and mortis causa trusts

  • Advice pertaining to estates

  • Administration of insolvent deceased estates

  • Deceased Estate Property Transfers (Sales and Inheritance Transfers)

  • Established network of nationwide agents at the Master of the High Court

  • Specialised outsourced tax services pertaining to deceased estates

Practise Areas: Deceased Estates Specialists

Diemont Attorneys: Practise Areas - Property Law

Diemont Inc is a level 4 B-BBEE Contributor.

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